How To Get The Most Accurate Estimate For Your Move

Moving companies have different policies, so you always want to understand the terms and what things affect the final price before you sign the contract. It's often difficult to estimate how long it will take to load and travel to your new home, so the final cost could be more than your estimate unless you have a binding agreement. However, last minute changes and surprises can affect an estimate even more. Here are some things to discuss with your moving company to ensure your estimate will be as accurate as possible.

The Type Of Service You Want

A load-only service costs less than a full-service move because it takes much less time and work. However, if you opt for load-only service, that means everything has to be ready to load on the truck as soon as the movers arrive. You'll have to dismantle your furniture and wrap them in moving blankets yourself. That's why having an estimate done in person is necessary. The mover will walk through your house with you and ask about each type of heavy appliance and furniture to make sure you'll be able to prepare them yourself. If not, the extra cost can be calculated ahead of time.

Truck Requirements

You'll want to know about the moving truck that will be used. If you live on a small street and a large truck will arrive for the move, then you may need to get a permit to close off the street during loading and unloading. If the truck can't park close to your home, and the crew has to carry your belongings a distance or bring in a smaller moving van too, this could add to your moving costs.

Steps Involved At Both Homes

You may want to supply your mover with photos of your new residence for an accurate view of what the movers will see when they arrive. If you're moving to an upper-level condo or a home with a long flight of entry steps, the mover needs to take this into account because moving could be more difficult. Roads at your new location must also be considered. If you're moving to the country and the home is on dirt roads, that could pose a problem for the delivery truck. Your mover needs to know about all unusual details ahead of time to make the necessary preparations for getting your belongings into your new home or the problems encountered could cause costly delays.

Terms Of The Estimate

You want to know if the estimate is binding and the final cost is set or if it is non-binding and can change. A full move will probably be non-binding so find out what happens if the cost is more than you expect or if there are additional fees automatically tacked on in addition to the estimate. You'll typically need to pay the estimate amount plus 10 percent at the time of the move and then pay the rest within 30 days. Also, find out if the estimate can be voided in any way. For instance, you may decide to take that old piano after all and in doing so, the mover could void the original price you were quoted.