Need To Schedule Movers But Have Some Scheduling Issues? Do The Following

If you are trying to plan a move and you need the help of professionals, and you know there will be complications, you need to find the best moving company that can work with your schedule and complications. Call a couple of movers in your area and talk with them about the way that they charge for each move, and to discuss in further detail your current situation. Also be sure to do the following so everyone is on the same page and to avoid confusion or errors on moving day.

Create a Custom Moving Plan

Moving is a process that has to have perfect timing and can have to revolve others schedules. If you have time between when your current living space needs packed up, and when it can be relocated to your new space, you may need a custom moving plan.

The custom plan could require the movers out of your first house by a certain time, paying for storage options, and then getting into the new place as soon as possible.

Do a Walk Through

Have the movers come to your home to do a walk-through. During this walk-through they can see how much stuff you have on all levels of the house, and what should be disassembled before they arrive. They can also go over restrictions with you, so you aren't trying to move items that can't be transported by the moving company. The walk-through ensures you get the most accurate quote.

Verify Insurance Coverage for Your Items

It's standard for the company to have insurance coverage for their employees and for liability. However, if your items get damaged you want to know the value of the item will be paid to you, or they will replace the item if possible. Confirm dollar amount of coverage, and get an estimated value of your items. Add more insurance if you worry about having the necessary coverage.

With a full service moving company you can feel good knowing that your items will be packed carefully and with the necessary supplies to protect them during the transport. Be sure to organize everything the best you can before the move so it's easy to label the boxes and to keep things that go in the same room together. Get more than one quote so you can compare the costs, and to see if you can find a moving company that is able to cover your schedule issues.